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Electrical Refurbishments

Commercial Electrical Refurbishments and installation

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Electrical Refurbishments in a Commercial Facility

The reliability, availability and efficiency of electrically controlled systems in a commercial facility influence employee productivity to a large extent.

Basic lighting, air conditioning, good computer systems are some direct factors that influence productivity. Security solutions in the form of advanced CCTV equipment, fire alarms, and electronically controlled access to certain areas are other important devices that need to be maintained well.

A replacement is necessary when certain electrical devices get worn out with time or are damaged beyond repair.

Investment in complete electrical refurbishment is a good idea when you want an office, store or showroom interiors to contribute to business performance.

People are the assets of a business. If you own a large super market store, to attract more customers, you need to ensure that the interiors are aesthetically designed with well lit areas, an effective cooling system and all other electrically operated devices such as cash registers, security systems, and escalators function smoothly.

The daily tasks of employees in any commercial facility are also streamlined with the use of good systems.

Electrical refurbishment work may include all or any of the following solutions:

• Power outlet installation and fitting
• Electrical wiring and rewiring
• Lighting installation
• Computer cabling
• Air conditioning installation
• Data cable fitting

Commercial electrical refurbishment is different and more complex than residential electric works. The provision for earthing, switch placement, over current protection and electric motors installation requires detailed planning and schematic configuration.

A refurbishment is not just about replacing the existing electrical devices with new ones. The premises may require several upgraded devices for further convenience of staff and visitors. The installation of such equipment may call for additional wiring, cabling and power supply.

The refurbishment and re wiring of existing electrical installations must also be in compliance with the latest regulations.

The repair of any damaged equipment such as circuit breakers, switchgear and fuses must also be taken care of during refurbishment. The old, outdated equipment must be replaced with the latest designs.

Testing is also an important phase of refurbishment. The electrical contractors need to ensure that the complete system is fool proof and the devices perform with complete efficiency for at least the next 15-20 years.

Refurbishment is often required on a large scale and may stop the operations of a business for a couple of days in the facility. The return on investment is therefore very crucial. Business organisations cannot afford productivity losses due to frequent closures.

Proper instructions and a comprehensive plan of all requirements must be given to the electrical contractors before the beginning of the work. If lighting or telecommunication systems need any major changes, these must be mentioned in the plan. The outdoor premises must not be ignored. Parking areas may also require new lighting poles or security systems and these need to be taken care of during the refurbishment.

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