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Safety Switch Installation

Safety Switches - installation and wiring for your home

Safety Switches Guard Your Home against Electrical Tragedy

Electricity is known to be one of the deadliest factors causing many accidents and tragedies in a domestic set up. A faulty appliance or power tool, damaged electrical cables, lack of maintenance and faulty practices can cause electrical tragedies in homes. An accident can be caused when electricity flows to the earth through a person.

Safety switches are designed to help cut off the excessive or leaking current flow from reaching the earth in a fraction of a second.

In this way safety switches help in immunizing your family against electrical accidents. Owing to their immense importance in maintaining the safety of your home and that of your near and dear ones, safety switches must be installed in every electrical circuit in and around your house.

To identify safety switches all you need to do is to check which ones have the ‘test’ or ‘T’ button. However, if you are not aware of how safety switches work, here are a few details.

Typically, the main purpose of safety switches is to monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit. When a leaking current is detected in the circuit of electrical appliances, faulty switches or wiring, these safety switches shut off the electric supply automatically thus impeding the chance of current flow through a person and into the earth.

In other words, safety switches play the most significant role in saving your home or people from getting electrocuted.

However, like all other common household and safety devices such a smoke alarms, safety switches too are not absolutely fool proof and if not tested at regular intervals, may stop functioning at all.

Therefore it is imperative to conduct periodic checks to ensure that the safety switches are in perfect working condition in order to certify the safety of your domestic set up and people. A good practice to ensure that the safety switches around your house are working is to test them every three months, whenever you receive your electricity bill.

Checking safety switches is a fairly easy task. All you need to do is pres the ‘T’ button. If the switch turns off the power, it is working perfectly. If not, then the first thing on your agenda should be to get them replaced immediately to provide maximum protection to your family and house.

Most homes these days have safety switches already installed in them. But if yours does not, then you must install them right away and protect your family and yourself from grave electrical accidents and tragedies. Considering the importance of safety switches, it would not be an exaggeration to say that a ‘switch’ in time, saves nine!

Switch Electrics is an Australian owned company and a leading name in the business of electrical contracting. The company provides top quality and 100% fault proof safety switches for all your domestic electrical protection needs. To browse through its collection of safety switches, contact Switch Electrical.

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