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Well-Planned Lighting Transforms the Way Your Home Looks & Feels!

In the context of home decor, lighting is an important element that not only provides the basic means to see around the house but also highlights the features of your home and sets the mood to create a cosy, warm, and comfortable ambiance.

Needless to say, domestic lighting is an area of expertise, which only a few can successfully execute and achieve. Domestic lighting is requires special attention to lucid details to attain the desired light effects.

There are innumerable permutations and combinations to escalate the overall aesthetic appeal of a house.

From the bedroom to the living room and from the kitchen to the bathroom, domestic lighting needs to be well planned and designed in order to render lighting variations to each space, depending upon their utility.

In accordance with the lighting plan, the electrical works such as wiring and installation of circuits need to be planned and fittings need to be chosen to achieve the desired lighting effects.

Now that we have discussed the importance of planning out your domestic lighting, let us now delve into some key areas around our house that can be transformed tremendously with the help of proper lighting.

• Bedrooms: A bedroom is where you retire at the end of a tiring day. It is your space, your haven. Therefore, the lighting must be appropriate in order to create a warm and cosy ambience. Using low voltage down lights is a great idea for bedroom lighting. You can also use a personal light fitting to enhance the comfort factor of your bedroom. Dim lights help you feel relaxed and snug.

• Living area: A living area is undoubtedly the main highlight of any house. It is where you relax with your family, watch television and most importantly, entertain guests. Therefore, the lighting in the living area of your domestic set up needs to be creative and match the overall look of the space. While it is a good idea to experiment with multiple lighting options to create a dramatic effect, choosing to hang chandeliers, oyster lights or small lamps is always a safer bet.

• Dining Room: The family dining room also calls for a relaxed environment and what could render the effect more perfectly than dim or low voltage lights? Depending upon the size of the dining space and the style of your dinner furniture, you can choose from a variety of lighting options to adequately light up your dining space whilst maintaining a warm, cosy and welcoming feel.

• Kitchen: Low voltage white lighting is best suited for kitchens. Low voltage white down lights not only look very modern and fashionable but also lend your kitchen area, ample visibility without being too bright or jarring to the eye.

• Study: Use personal light fittings in a study. There is an extensive range of versatile low voltage lighting options available in the markets. Choose the ones that fit your bill perfectly.

• Bathroom: You can actually experiment a great deal with the bathroom lighting too. Use a combination of bright and dim lighting options in the sink, the main bath area, the dressing area, and the toilet.

Hope these tips will help you transform the way your home looks and feels with the help of appropriate lighting.

Switch Electrics is a leading supplier of innovative, attractive, and superior quality light fittings and lighting options to escalate the aesthetic appeal of your house. Choose from the company’s wide range of lighting options and give your home a complete makeover.

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