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New Homes / Extensions

Home Renovation, Home Extensions, New Homes Electrical Installation and Wiring.

Electrical Installation for New Homes, Home Extensions or restructuring of electrical wiring in your home.

If you are moving into a new house, the installation of the electrical system would undoubtedly be the first thing on your mind. From the wiring to fixtures and from electrical circuits to switchboards and fittings, new houses do call for absolute attention to the smallest of details pertaining to electricity and power supply.

As much as you would be tempted to try and do it yourself, dealing with electrical wiring, electrical cables, installation and setting is quite a dangerous task and should really be done by and expert.

If you do decide to do it yourself you may end up paying much more money to fix what you have done.

With Switch Electrics we provide affordable electrical services for new homes, existing homes, home renovations and expansions and much more.

Switch Electrics provides safe, quick and affordable electrical service. Operating for extensive years, we have provided thousands of homes with new electrical setups and systems, installing anything from a basic lighting electrical setup to a more detailed entire house re-wiring to ensure safety is a priority.

Switch Electrics has come up with a quick checklist of pointers that must be kept in mind while planning and installing electrical systems in new homes:

  • Wiring: wiring is a very crucial part of electrical installation in new houses. Electrical wires run through the uninsulated wall interiors after the exterior walls are sheathed.

    Therefore, it is important to seek advice from a professional electrician or domestic electrical contractor to get the wiring done well before the walls are closed.

    However, if you plan to do the job by yourself, you must get the wiring inspected to ensure that there are no faults and that the installation is absolutely safe. To save you the hassle and additional costs involved in trying to do it yourself, contact Switch Electrics on 02 8011 1323.
  • Drilling: there are certain important rules with respect to drilling and/or notching studs that must be followed in new houses to ensure a safe and stable electrical system, while also sustaining the strength of the structure.

    We maintain a generous gap of about 32mm in cases where the stud faces the electrical wire. This will help to protect the wiring from any nails or screws that are drilled into the walls. Also, while drilling the notches in the walls of new houses, we use thick pieces of wood to reinforce any notched beams where there is less than 50mm of hardwood in spots near the opening.

  • Installation of switches, outlets and electrical fittings: After ensuring that the power is on an ‘off’ mode before starting any electrical work in news houses. We Install the switches and outlets in switch boxes. Remove the knock outs of each box before joining them together for duplex switches.

    After the first procedure we then loosen the screw terminals to connect the outlets. We use long nosed pliers to make a loop at the end of a bare wire, hook it clock wise around a terminal screw and tighten the screw in order to connect the wires to an outlet. These are some basic tips on installing switches, outlets and other electrical fittings in new houses.

    Contact Switch Electrics on 02 8011 1323 to take care of the nitty-gritty of electrical installations in order to get the job done immaculately and most importantly...safely!

  • Ceiling boxes: ceiling boxes are used in new houses to attach ceiling fans, hanging lights and other electrical fixtures to the ceiling.

Depending upon the type of ceiling and the weight of the ceiling fixtures, we can choose to nail or screw the ceiling boxes in new houses. We ensure that these boxes are installed properly in order to prevent the fixtures from falling down and keeping accidents at bay!

Switch Electrics is a leading electrical installation and electrical service company in Sydney that provides efficient and cost effective electrical installation services and electrical solutions for new homes, refurbished homes, extended homes and much more.

To find out more information on how Switch Electrics can provide electrical solutions for your new home or whether your extending or renovating your existing home, contact Switch Electrics on 02 8011 1323 to find out on how we can provide you with electrical installation services.

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