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Surge Arrestors/Protectors

Surge Protectors and Arrestors Information

Surge Arrestors Make Your Home Electrically Secure

Surge arrestors are protective devices that are designed to achieve a connection between a conductor of an electrical system and the earth in order to curb the amount of temporary over voltages on electrical equipment.

Surge arrestors play a key role in safeguarding a house from electrical accidents and disasters. Surge arrestors are also known as lightning arrestors and have proven to be an economical way to safeguard the electrical appliances around the household from sudden outburst of power that can be caused by lightning or other electrical complications.

Installing surge arrestors is mandatory in each household. Due to their extremely critical and technical nature, special attention must be given to the following aspects while buying surge arrestors:

Specifications: surge arrestors are of two types - secondary surge arrestor or SDSA and transient voltage surge arrestor or TVSS. Although both these types of surge arrestors will typically suit your requirement, they function in entirely different ways. While choosing secondary surge arrestors, make sure that they have a current rating of IEEE C62.11 whereas in the case of transient voltage surge arrestors, a 3rd edition UL 1449 is highly recommended to ensure proper and effective functioning.

On light: A small LED indicator or ‘on light’ ensures that the surge protector is functioning properly and therefore, this feature must be checked while buying surge arrestors. This will help you know that nothing in the surge arrestors has gone wrong internally and that your household is absolutely protected. After you have bought and installed surge arrestors in your house, so remember to check the ‘on light’ every few months.

Warranty: while buying surge arrestors, ensure that you receive a warranty for the devices. This will not only insure your surge protectors but also the electrical appliances they are installed in order to protect. Also make sure that the warranty offered is sufficient for the number and nature of electrical appliances and devices in your house.

Fuse protection: this is an important consideration while choosing surge arrestors. It must be noted that while the secondary surge arrestors are already fused, the transient voltage surge arrestors typically need be checked for fuse protection. Metal oxide varistor or MOV is the main component in surge arrestors that that absorbs energy from a surge. If not insulated properly, the MOV can get heated up and result in fire hazards of the most critical nature. A fuse protection provides a protective insulating layer around the MOV, thereby limiting it from heating up and curbing the chances of fire and short circuits.

Clamping voltage: the amount of energy that needs to be passed through surge protectors before they get activated is defined by clamping voltage. Generally, the lower the clamping voltage, the better is the performance of the surge protectors. Therefore, before buying surge protectors, ensure that the clamping voltage is between 330 volts and 800 volts in order to achieve maximum safety levels and effectiveness of the surge protectors in ensuring an electrical hazard free household.

Switch Electrics is a leading Australian company that provides high quality SDSA and TVSS surge protectors, with warranty, for making your home electrically safe.

To know more about surge protectors offered by Switch Electrics simply contact us on 8011 1323 or send us your enquiry and we will contact you.

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