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Switchboard Installation for Industrial, Mining and Commercial Premises

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Switch Boards in Industrial Enterprises

A typical industrial switch board comprises of a frame, over current protection devices, buses, instrumentation and outer covers.

The frame houses and supports all other components. A bus is a conductor that serves as a common connection for two or more circuits. Buses are mounted within the switch board frame. Horizontal bus bars are used to distribute power to each section of the switchboard. Vertical bus bars distribute power via over-current devices to load devices. The bus bars may be made of aluminium or copper.

Cover panels are also installed on the switchboard to avoid the exposure of live parts. This may be referred to as the dead front of the switch board. The panels give a finished and organised look to the switchboard. A product information label on the front lists the details regarding switch board type along with voltage and amperage rating.

The circuit protection devices on the industrial electrical switch board control and stop the flow of current as required. They restrict the flow of current in the event of a ground fault, over load or short circuit in the industrial wiring system.

Fuses, circuit breakers, ground fault circuit interrupters and arc fault circuit interrupters are the common devices for protection in industrial facilities.

Fuses and circuit breakers disconnect the circuit automatically when the current flowing through them exceeds a certain limit. In such a case, a fuse melts and circuit breaker trips the circuit open.

Fuses and circuit breakers are devised to protect machines and equipment in industrial facilities. They prevent wires and other components from overheating and open the circuit when there is a risk of a ground fault.

Ground-fault circuit interrupters need to be mounted on switch boards for industrial premises with wet locations, construction sites, and other high-risk areas. They can interrupt the flow of electric current in as little as 1/40 of a second to prevent electrocution.

These advanced devices compare the amount of current going into electric equipment with the amount of current returning from it along the circuit conductors. If the difference detected is more than 5 mA, the Ground-fault circuit interrupter automatically shuts off the electric power.

Arc-fault devices protect an equipment from the impacts of arc-faults by recognizing characteristics unique to arcing and by functioning to de-energize the circuit when an arc-fault is detected.

Industrial switch boards distribute current to numerous machines that require considerable power to operate daily. The fuses, bus bars and circuit breakers need regular inspection and maintenance by certified electrical contractors to ensure that they are in the right working condition.

Low voltage, high breaking capacity fuses undergo an aging process when carrying high switched currents associated with capacitors. They must be inspected at least once every year.

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