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Electrical Refurbishment in Industrial Facilities

Refurbishment in a factory, warehouse, work-shop or any other industrial premises may require total renewal of the sub- distribution system and complete rewiring of machines, electrical appliances and power supply equipment. When cost reduction is crucial, the installation of energy efficient devices is essential in an industrial setting.

Loose wiring, damaged circuit breakers and worn out fuses can be the causes of major safety hazard in an industrial premises. A refurbishment involves not only the installation of new devices but also the thorough testing and repair of existing equipment and machines.

If there has been a recent installation of new appliances, tools and gadgets in a factory, they may require additional power to work efficiently. In this case, the current carrying capacity of conductors and wires needs to be increased or the entire set up may require an upgrade.

While installing complex devices, we take the utmost care to ensure that:

• Maintenance of new equipment is flexible
• Spare parts are easily available
• Workers in the premises have sufficient knowledge and competence to deal with minor hitches, in a safe manner
• There is scope for optimization, if required in future.

After the installation of new devices in a mine or heavy industry, testing must also be done for:

• Visual Inspection
• Polarity
• Polarisation
• Insulation Resistance
• Earth Fault Loop Impedance
• Protective Device Fault Rating
• RCD Verification
• Integrity of switch board connections
• Testing of final sub circuits
• Earth Continuity tests
• Equipotent bonding tests

Electrical refurbishment in an industrial facility does not just involve the renewal and upgrade of wiring and cabling for basic equipment and mechanically operating devices.

The lighting, air conditioning, digital electronic devices such as computers, CCTV systems, and other security equipment must also be taken care of. New alarm systems, emergency lighting, and flood lighting must be installed in high priority areas.

All work must be entrusted to licensed or certified electrical contractors who are experienced and competent to deal with large scale electrical projects.

A full site survey may be required prior to actual refurbishment work to check the kind of upgrades and installation needed in the building. The cost estimation and list of necessary materials required in refurbishment must also be prepared at this stage.

A neatly refurbished building with superior electrical fittings and efficient mechanical devices will have direct positive impact on productivity. Organisations also create a safe environment, in compliance with state regulations and laws. With periodic maintenance and testing, the costs related to down time can be completely eliminated.

At Switch Electrics, we offer all services for electrical refurbishment as well as new electrical installation for lighting, air conditioning, and switch board.

Electrical maintenance and repair services for industrial, commercial, and household appliances are also provided at most competitive prices.

Ensuring customer delight by taking care of all quality aspects is our goal. Contact Switch Electrics to avail the most superior electric services for your projects. Call us on 02 8011 1323 or email us with your enquiry.

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