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Industrial Lighting Installation and Setup

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Lighting in Industrial Enterprises

The aspects of lighting in an industrial facility differ from those of commercial and residential lighting. The aesthetic appeal may not be very important for a factory, warehouse, cold storage or workshop. What matters more in a huge industrial premises is cost efficiency and coverage.

Industrial lighting in some facilities may have be suitable for a wet or moisture laden environment. Lighting system in an industrial setting must contribute to the workers’ efficiency in daily operations. At the same time, they must be energy efficient as the continuous use of lighting systems adds up to costs.

High intensity flood lights are broad beamed and can illuminate an area well with bright white coloured light. Two issues that pervade the lack of professional integration in industrial and commercial lighting are the linear nature of most design work and the degree of specialisation.

The industrial lighting designs that make use of natural light are often repressed by conventional linear approach to design. The architectural design of a building is often completed before the electrical engineer is brought into the design process.

This seriously reduces the opportunities to include day lighting provisions in the building shell plan. If real synergy is desired, the electrical and mechanical engineers must participate in the earliest stages to plan input on actions that impact lighting and air conditioning loads.

The degree of specialisation is another factor that impacts lighting. Industrial buildings have steadily grown in size and complexity and the work of architects who design these structures is highly compartmentalised.

A lighting system that suits the requirements of one section of the building may not be right for another unit due to the odd features of its design.

The placing, positioning and illumination degree of all lights may have to be different on separate floors of a high rise building. Industrial fluorescent lighting is a good option for many factories and warehouses. It has superior colour rendering, colour stability, long lamp life, flicker free operation and dimming capacity.

There must be a provision for advanced control systems such as dimming and day lighting options whenever possible, in a lighting system for industrial buildings. Compact fluorescent lamps or CFL lighting is another energy efficient alternative that can be used in most industrial enterprises.

It can also be integrated with LED lighting for a better control on the over all system. An LED light converts 80 per cent of the energy it uses into light as against 20 per cent by an incandescent bulb. Constantly changing technology in the electrical industry has created numerous options for lighting systems.

The utility and value of each for any industrial, commercial or household use can be explained by experienced and skilled electrical engineers.

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