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New Electrical Installations – Industrial & Mining Electrical Installation and Setup

New electrical installations for industrial premises in Australia require licensed electrical contractors or registered electrical workers to complete an Electrical Certificate of Compliance.

While installing new electrical equipment, the organisation must make sure that a competent person in disaster management has been through the process of safety verification, prior to the supply of current for the new installation.

A 'competent person' refers to someone who is adequately qualified for disaster recovery plans and in managing the problems associated with electrical hazards.

Testing of electrical fixed wiring installations should be carried out as per hazard identification and risk assessment processes. It must take into account all the information provided by the designer or manufacturer of the equipment.

There are many appliances which unregistered people can use to monitor and diagnose faults on fixed wiring installations. Some of these may be safe to use but do not always give reliable results and may indicate safe conditions that masquerade potentially serious faults such as neutral conductor and earth conductor transposition.

A more comprehensive testing and monitoring of all equipment and electrical fittings is therefore imperative to avoid any disaster in the industrial facility.

In an industrial premise, where most machines run on electric power, the requirement of electricity is relatively huge. Business owners cannot afford productivity losses due to breakdowns caused by power faults. The ratings of all wires and cables must be checked thoroughly before installation.

There should also be a flexibility to add new equipment and wirings as machines in a factory might require upgrades or new features.

Earthing is required to protect people from electrocution and prevent electrical fire. If wiring in a machinery becomes loose and comes in contact with a metal surface, the metal becomes energized. This poses a big electrocution hazard for anyone who touches the machinery.

With earthing, the current can be safely diverted from the metal surface to earth.

Reverse polarity is common problem in new electrical installations. This happens when the live and neutral electrical wires are reversed.

If an internal fault occurs in the wiring of any machine, the machine would start operating as soon as a worker plugs the power cord into the improperly wired receptacle. Also, the machine would not stop working even when the power switch is released. Receptacle testers must be used to verify that all receptacles are wired correctly.

For every new installation, guarding of electrical parts must be ensured. Exposed electrical wiring, unguarded receptacles and uncovered circuit breaker panels can be very hazardous for the workers employed in the industrial facility.

Only qualified, experienced and licensed electrical contractors must be hired for complex electrical installations. All industrial establishments have to meet the state norms and regulations while getting new electrical systems.

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