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New Installations

New Commercial Premises Electrical Installation and setup

New Electrical Installations in Commercial Enterprises

Electrical system is a critical part for every commercial facility. The lighting, air conditioning, CCTV set up, security-fire alarms and computer sets systematically arranged in an office require comprehensive planning and investment. All wiring, cable installation, fitting-off and testing are essential parts of the work. The exterior premises such as the parking lots are no less important and may require large lighting poles to ensure sufficient vision during night.

Most electrical appliances and equipment are marked to indicate their nominal power rating. The installed power is the sum of all power consuming devices in the facility. However, this is not the power to be actually supplied in practice. For instance in electric motors, the power rating refers to the output power at its driving shaft, though the input power is greater. In case of fluorescent and discharge lamps have nominal power indicated which is less than the power consumed by the lamp and its ballast.

The total power demand for the facility is calculated from the data relative to location and power of each load along with the knowledge of the operating modes. Local information concerning tariff structures is also needed to choose the best connection arrangement for power supply network.

Neutral earthing arrangements are selected as per local regulations, constraints related to the power supply and the type of loads. The distribution equipment comprising of switch-gears, panel-boards and circuit connections are determined from building plans and from location of loads.

Before a commercial facility connects an installation to its supply network, it calls for mandatory pre-commissioning electrical tests and visual inspections by an appointed agent or authority. Such tests are made according to local governmental or institutional regulations. The principles of such regulations are based on the observance of rigorous safety rules in the design and realization of the installation.

Electrical tests and visual inspection checks for a new installation in commercial enterprises include:

  • Tests of protective equipment and earth bonding conductors for continuity and conductivity
  • Insulation tests of all cable and wiring conductors of fixed installation between different phases and between phases & earth.
  • Resistance tests of earthing electrodes with respect to remote earth.
  • Verification of proper operation of the inter connections if any.
  • Checking the permissible number of socket outlets per circuit.
  • Cross sectional area check of all conductors for adequacy at the short circuit levels prevailing, taking account of the associated protective devices, materials and installation conditions.
  • Verifying that all exposed and extraneous metallic parts have proper earthing.

Testing is a significant part of new installations in all commercial enterprises as it concerns the safety of numerous employees and visitors. General and emergency lighting, security systems and alarm installations need to be fool proof.

Also, business organisations cannot afford much loss of productivity due to sudden system failure and need to ensure complete suitability of installation before its actual use.

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