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Electrical Wiring/Rewiring

Home Electrical Wiring / Rewiring

Home Electrical Wiring / Rewiring

Often you might feel the need to change or replace the wiring system around your house, add a few electrical devices, light switches, sockets or fuse boards and upgrade switchboards. This process is known as electrical rewiring. House rewire is a costly affair and must be well thought out.

Typically, houses that are very old require rewires. A problem of an electrical nature may also prompt the house owner to change the wiring. Places that have rubber insulated wiring need to be rewired too. Apart from these reasons, RCDS that trip and fuses that blow constantly also indicate the necessity of an electrical rewiring.

The best way to find out if your house needs rewiring is to ask a professional electrician to test all the wires and check their state. Whatever the case may be, one must remember that a faulty electrical wiring can not only damage all the electrical appliances in the house but also be seriously hazardous for the house members. Therefore, the decision to get a house rewired must be taken without any delay.

Rewiring your house is an intricate job and calls for skilled and professional electricians who have considerable experience of house rewires. Before seeking the services of a professional electrical contractor to get your house rewired, it is a good idea to get a quote from several contractors and choose the one that fits the bill perfectly.

Additionally, one must also clear certain details such as whether the price quoted by the electrical contractor includes moving the furniture and cleanups or would you be required to do it by yourself once the house rewiring is done. In cases where the electrical contractor suggests the installation of new switches or other electrical fixtures during the electrical wiring, a good price for the same should be negotiated.

You can test and inspect an electrician’s credentials to check whether he is qualified to execute house rewires. Do remember that an inexperienced electrician who is not adept at rewires can actually ruin the situation and cause more damage and danger than you could imagine.

Like all jobs that require immense technical know-how and expertise, house rewires also call for certain measures that must be followed in order to ensure a job well done. Alternately, negligence to the technical details may result in a series of pitfalls that may prove to be very dangerous for your house.

For instance, not keeping a copy of the test and inspection report may create problems when you sell the house or plan to get it insured. Not checking if the electrician of your choice is certified to do the house rewires for you is another big mistake that can bring you, your family and your house serious trouble.

It is advisable to plan out the entire house rewire work before getting started on it. Take into account all the electrical components that will be added or replaced to come up with a tentative investment you will have to make and calculate the approximate time that the house rewires will require.

Keeping these points in mind will help you save a considerable amount of time, effort and money on house rewires.

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