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Home Switchboard System

Home Switchboard Installation and Setup

How to Ensure the Safety of Your Switchboards at Home?

A switchboard can be defined as a device that directs electricity from one electrical source to another. In simpler words, switchboards divides the total current received by it into smaller chunks of electricity and distributes it further for running the various electrical devices in our homes.

Any fault in the switchboards may result in grave electrical accidents and mishaps and therefore, switchboards must be tested on a regular basis to detect any electrical faults or lapses. In case of serious electrical errors, switchboards must be replaced immediately to ensure that you house and family are safe from electrical hazards.

Besides being changed due to electrical faults, switchboards should also be replaced in order to upgrade the federal boards comprising old ceramic fuse holders to new boards that can accommodate several electrical activities. However, after the switchboards are replaced, one must get a quality test done by a professional electrician in order to confirm that the switchboards are good to be used and will work safely.

Since the installation of switchboards in homes is a one-time job, chances of layers of dust getting settled on the electrical circuits over the years is quite high. This can be extremely hazardous and can challenge the safety of your switchboards.

Therefore, regular inspection, upgrade and maintenance of switchboards become imperative. Additionally, while getting the switchboards inspected, one must also remember to check for damaged cables inside the various combined, fused switch carriages, damaged caused by heat to the connection point, broken or weakened tension springs, and the accumulation of loose, foreign materials inside the fused switch carriage.

These will help to detect any electrical errors and rectify them in a timely manner before the situation gets out of control.

There are several types of tests that can ensure that the electrical switchboards in your home are operating properly. One must also remember to plan maintenance and safety checks around these tests, keep a detailed record of all the tests that have been conducted on the switchboards, their respective results and corrective measures taken, if any.

To get a comprehensive maintenance plan for your home switchboards, it is advisable to seek the services of a professional electrical contractor.

Finally, here is a list of tasks that must be done along with the regular testing and maintenance in order to ensure that your switchboards are functioning correctly:

  • Checking the earthing of all the structural elements of your home switchboards
  • Providing insulating mats on the floor around the home switchboards
  • Ensuring the cleanliness of all the elements inside the switchboards
  • Appropriate marking and labelling of all the key elements inside the switchboards
  • Protecting the switchboards from dust, piping systems and water inflow
  • Checking the functionality of all the automatic control systems
  • Checking the circuit breaker for ‘under voltage’ or ‘over current’.
  • Testing the functionality of the back up power arrangements

By maintaining a checklist of these critical tasks, you can rest assured that your switchboards will function perfectly and safeguard your home from any electrical hazard.

Switch Electric is one such Australian company that can help you install 100% safe switchboards at your home and provide regular testing, quality analysis and maintenance services to ensure that you and your family are safe and sound.

To know more information on how Switch Electrics can provide switchboard installation into your home, please contact us on 02 8011 1323 or send through your enquiry today.

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